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пластиковые окна
Removal of the sill aluminum construction is easy, is installed on every sill without additional masonry, can be mounted with the removal of the sill to increase the area of the balcony. Removal of the frames is carried out both on the front side, and around the perimeter of the balcony. Width 20cm fans the most secure, capable of withstanding heavy loads, is optimal for the visual and functional increase in the balcony. In this work surface sill is 25-30 cm Welded steel brackets to the parapet wall plug with nails or screws. The distance between the brackets should be no less than 60 cm Reason for the sill is built necessarily on the level. Aluminum glazing (glazed balconies with aluminum) in any case, not only at installation with removal of the sill is fastened to the top of the stove through the metal. Assembled iron goes about 40 cm inside the balcony and prevents the penetration of not only rain, but also possible under the Strait of frame from the upper balcony. Metal priburivaetsya through timber to the frame and the upper plate. The outer edge is bent inward, and closes the place of the canopy to the frame. All joints around the perimeter of glazing necessarily sealed with silicone sealant. The completed form will provide design, obshiv ceiling batten or PVC panels. From outside the removal of re-sealable plastic screen width of 37 cm or sheathed with plastic siding, as a whole with the parapet. Such removal does not spoil the appearance of the facade of the building and protects your balcony from blowing and rain. Pay attention to the facade of your home, whether the neighbors glazing with the removal, as well as for such public utilities can legally give you a waiver.
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